Success Stories


Sisters Gain Confidence and Skills through On-the-Job Training


Jessica and Ariana are sisters who were referred to our CVS Training Program through the MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board. Over the course of the training program, the sisters gained valuable retail skills such as cashier training, inventory management, and customer service experience. In addition, the soft skills training workshops provided them with interpersonal and communication skills for interacting with the public in a retail job.

During the internship, they continued to build their retail skills by learning how to manage inventory more in-depth. They benefited from routine feedback from the program on their specific strengths and areas for growth. Their confidence has been boosted and their enthusiasm for entering the workforce has increased tremendously! As CVS Training Program graduates, the sisters are now looking forward to obtaining employment in a retail setting.​



Interview Accommodations and Collaboration Lead to Employment at MGM Springfield

A job developer from our partner agency, Viability, Inc., contacted WMEC and conveyed that an individual served by her program was very interested in working for the new MGM Springfield casino. The individual and the job developer were both very excited, since it had been arranged for him to attend a group interview for a kitchen steward position.

However, both the individual and the job developer were hesitant regarding the group interview setting. As the individual had social anxiety, both he and the job developer were concerned that he might not interview optimally within a group.

Through WMEC's relationships at MGM, our Employer Liaison was able to convey this concern with the group responsible for arranging interviews, and scheduled a private interview for the individual served. He ultimately secured a job as a kitchen steward, and is very excited to be employed by one of the newest, largest employers in the region!